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Although every lawsuit is different and the outcome can vary, Ross, Legan, Rosenberg, Zelen & Flaks, LLP, is successful, in part, because of the personalized attention we provide our clients. Below, please find a partial listing of verdicts and settlements the firm has secured on our clients' behalf.
for a construction worker struck by an unsecured steel beam, which rendered him a quadriplegic. Case settled during trial.
for a baby born brain-damaged due to negligence during surgery.
for a baby who sustained brain damage during birth due to a delay in a C-section operation.
for a victim who suffered brain damage due to a defective defibrillator that caused a delay in resuscitation efforts.
for a woman who suffered an anesthesia complication that resulted in brain damage during a gynecological procedure.
for a construction worker whose leg fell through a hole in a roof, resulting in back and knee injuries requiring surgeries.
for a man who sustained semi-paralysis due to a Connecticut casino’s negligence in continuing to serve the offending driver alcoholic beverages before his car crashed into the victim.
for an undocumented laborer who fell off an unguarded scaffold, resulting in a fractured back and surgery.
for a 54-year-old female who suffered nerve damage from improperly performed back surgery.
for a construction worker who fractured both heels when the ladder he was standing on was knocked down by a passing forklift.
for a 45-year-old female pedestrian who experienced multiple fractures and skin grafts, after being struck by a minibus.
for an infant who was injured during the birth process.
for a mother who fell in an apartment building delivering a premature baby.
for 75-year-old female pedestrian struck by a police patrol car, sustaining multiple fractures.
for a woman whose cancer went undiagnosed.
for a demolition worker who required shoulder surgery after suffering a work-related accident.
for a 50-year-old undocumented immigrant working on a ladder at a construction site when the ladder slipped, causing the plaintiff to fall, sustaining a serious back injury.
for the estate of a female pedestrian who was struck and instantly killed by a truck.
for a postal worker hit by a car, which resulted in brain damage.
for a New Jersey security alarm installer who was electrocuted by live wires, lost three fingers and underwent multiple surgeries.
for a 67-year-old female with long standing diabetes who suffered a leg amputation because the doctors failed to properly treat a toe infection.
for an undocumented woman whose uterus was pulled out of the birth canal, along with the placenta, when the hospital midwife pulled too hard on the umbilical cord during delivery.
for a teacher who fell in school. This was one of the top 10 settlements against the City of New York in 2007.
for an infant who suffered from a dislocated shoulder and Erb’s Palsy due to an improper delivery.
for a 46-year-old female who sustained an ankle fracture and dislocated elbow when her car was struck by another car whose driver claimed his car suddenly accelerated. We hired an expert who was able to review the “black box” in the defendant’s vehicle and determined that the driver stepped on the accelerator instead of the brakes.
for an unbelted passenger in an ambulance who suffered back fractures and required surgery when the ambulance hit a pothole.
for a 17-year-old high school football player who suffered lacerations and nerve damage to his forearm as a result of the football coach who negligently ran practices in the school hallway and caused the student’s arm to go through a pane of a glass door.
for a 48-year-old construction worker who fractured his hip when a pipe fell, knocking him off a ladder.
for a 55-year-old construction worker who fell when the scaffold he was working on moved, resulting in a fractured arm.
for a pedestrian struck by a turning school bus.
for a 50-year-old undocumented immigrant working at a food truck that was struck by a vehicle, fracturing his leg.
for the family of a bicycle delivery man killed by a garbage truck.
for an airport maintenance man who tripped in a hole on a runway, damaged his knee and required surgery.
for the family of an undocumented laborer who was electrocuted at a job site.
for the heirs of an undocumented light-fixture installer who was electrocuted by live wires and died while at work on the roof of a restaurant.
for a man who fell off a ladder at a construction site and fractured his ankle, which then required surgery.
for a man who suffered an adverse reaction to medication due to medical malpractice.
for a delivery man on a motorcycle who was hit by a cab, fracturing his hip. This included the $100,000 insurance limit and $275,000 paid by the taxi owner out of pocket.
for a 32-year-old woman who was improperly administered anesthesia before her C-section, causing her to slip into a three-week coma.
for a 46-year-old undocumented laborer who was knocked off a scaffold when the scaffold was struck by a car.
for a middle-aged laborer who fell through an unclipped grating at a construction site, resulting in a torn rotator cuff and deranged hip.
for a middle-aged pedestrian struck by a truck backing up at a storage facility, fracturing her pelvis.
for an air-conditioning unit installer who fractured his ankle and needed surgery when he tripped over uneven planks at a job site.
for a mother whose child’s shoulder got stuck in the birth canal during delivery. The child suffered nerve damage to the arm during delivery.
for a New Jersey woman who injured her back jumping out the window of an illegal boarding house that caught fire.
for a pedestrian who tripped on a broken curb and fractured her ankle.
for a woman who tripped in a drugstore due to a low display that resulted in a fractured elbow.
for a bicycle courier, despite the testimony of a neutral witness who testified that the bicyclist fell in front of the defendant’s truck.
for a 73-year-old supermarket shopper who was knocked over by a store employee pushing a cart, fracturing her L3 vertebrae and requiring kyphoplasty.
for a man struck on the head by a gate latch that fell.
for an intoxicated bicyclist going the wrong way on a one-way street and hit by a truck.
for a 13-year-old whose appendicitis was not diagnosed at the hospital, resulting in a ruptured appendix and surgery.
for a man who sustained multiple dog bites to his finger and received ligament damage.
for an elderly woman who slipped on a ramp in a supermarket and fractured her knee. We proved the ramp was “optically confusing.”

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